[Mailman-Users] text-only versus graphical

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Nov 21 11:27:09 CET 2006

At 2:24 PM -0800 11/20/06, Daevid Vincent wrote:

>  I don't know why everyone is all down on graphical HTML email. The way I see
>  it, I would much prefer HTML if it's a newsletter or something. It's
>  cleaner. Easier to read with formatting. Links aren't these huge URLs. And
>  adds a certain amount of professionalism (assuming it looks good and isn't
>  crappy circa 1988 looking).

The problem is that each client will display the thing totally 
different from every other client.

Haven't you ever had to take twelve different web browsers (and 
versions thereof), to make sure that your web page will look at least 
reasonably okay in all of them?  Well, that situation is about a 
billion times worse with e-mail clients.  Not too many people 
actually try to do any real serious web surfing on their phones, but 
a lot of people do really serious levels of e-mail on their phones -- 
and phones aren't so good at displaying the multi-gigabyte web pages.

If you really want to send someone HTML, then just send them a link 
to a page and be done with it.

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