[Mailman-Users] %variable for fullname in verify.txt

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 6 02:23:44 CEST 2006

Jimmy wrote:

>Hi all, We are trying to customize the verify.txt which is used in the Email
>subscription confirmation to the user.  We would like to personalize it by
>adding the user's fullname when they registered.  What is the %variable for
>the user's fullname we can use in the verify.txt file?

There isn't one unless you modify the code in Mailman/MailList.py (2
places - new subscription and address change) to provide one.

In general, the replacement dictionaries are template specific and
contain only the substitutions in the default template.

>Since the user's
>fullname is optional on the registration form so may be blank, does the
>verify.txt file support some type of conditional code so only display the
>user's fullname when it is not blank?

If you implement this, you could do something like what is currently
done with 'remote'. I.e., you define the replacement text to be
perhaps 'Hello <full name>' when <full name> is not empty and '' when
it is empty.

There is no way within the template to say 'some text %(x)s' if x is
non-empty and nothing otherwise.

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