[Mailman-Users] Using a remote email account as a message source

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Oct 15 20:01:16 CEST 2006

BigglesZX  wrote:
>If I use a local mail account (using mutt) to send a message to
>listname at localhost, the message is passed through fine - goes out on
>to the list.
>If, however, I send the message to the remote account checked by
>fetchmail, then run fetchmail to retrieve the message, it does not
>make it to the list. Fetchmail is set up to pass on to
>listname at localhost just as above, and a reading of the exim log gives
>the impression that it has passed through okay, but then once the
>administrative approval request mail is generated to the list admin,
>that message gets frozen with the following error:
>2006-10-14 19:26:57 1GYoDp-00066c-Ec ** listname-bounces at my.FQDN.com:
>Unrouteable address
>I thought I had configured exim to accept mail to this domain
>correctly, but perhaps not - my question is why mailman won't deliver
>the post to the list when it is sent in this manner.

I'm not really clear on what you are seeing here, but it seems that the
post via fetchmail is being held for moderator approval and the notice
to the moderator is not making it from Mailman to the moderator. Is
this correct so far?

If so, there are two issues. Why is the post held, and what happens to
the moderator notice?

If you go to the admindb web interface, do you see the post? If so,
what is the reason it is held? This info is also in the 'vette' log. I
suspect it is "implicit destination". As Patrick said very early in
this thread, you have to look at Privacy options...->Recipient filters
and either set require_explicit_destination to No or add
listname at the_remote_server.example.com to acceptable_aliases.

>The only difference between the two sendings is the sender's address -
>the post goes through when the sender is @localhost or my FQDN - or to
>put it another way, no admin message is generated when the mail
>originates from the local machine. Have I missed a configuration
>option relating to mail originating from the local machine?

How about the To: address? Is it the same in both cases, or is it
listname at local.example.com in one case and listname at remote.example.com
in the other. If the latter, see above.

As far as the notice to the admin getting stuck, I'm not sure. The

>2006-10-14 19:26:57 1GYoDp-00066c-Ec ** listname-bounces at my.FQDN.com:
>Unrouteable address

seems to be saying that something was sent and bounced to
listname-bounces and that address is unroutable. What does your Exim
config have for the mailman router?

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