[Mailman-Users] Performance on mailman

Peter Kofod pete at datasages.com
Sun Oct 29 00:27:54 CEST 2006

I am doing something wrong.  I am running mailman with about 100 lists
(announce only).  A couple are pretty big (40K + addresses).  They,
however, are used infrequently.  The big list has one weekly mailing and
the others much less often.  Currently, there is NO mail queued or being
sent (tail -f on maillog is silent), yet doing a top on the mailman
process shows mailman consuming 1240M of virtual memory and a task size
(RES) of 811M.

I am no Linux Performance Tuning expert, but the system seems pretty
pokey.  This is with no mail going out (and the occasional subscribe /
unsubscribe trickling in).

When a mailing goes out, the system becomes virtually unresponsive,
usually resulting in a http 500 error.  If ssh in to the system, I am
eventually able to kill mailman, at which time the system perks right up
again.  System is a P4 with 1 GB of RAM.

Mailman 2.19rc1

What am I missing?



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