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Terry Allen hmag at ozemail.com.au
Mon Oct 30 08:53:54 CET 2006

>Ok our one of our resident tech guys that was a Linux guru set up a Linux
>box with Mailman on it.  It was great.  He left so I decided to try and set
>everything up myself.  I am not a total newb, as I run a Windows Box with
>Apache and a few other server aps.  Well at least I didn’t think I was a
>newb.  I went through about a ½ dozen different Linux distro’s trying to
>find one I was comfortable with and after about 40hrs of installing and
>dumping I have given up trying to do it on Linux.  I have read a bunch of
>FAQ’s on running Mailman on Windows and unless I am mistaken it’s a real
>So what I am looking for is either any easy straight forward way of
>installing Mailman on an NT box running Apache or a good alternative to the
>much loved and great Mailman software.  I don’t even NEED all the
>functionality of mailman.  I need a mailing list server that will handle 100
>members.  I can sign them up manually.  It has to receive mail and forward
>it back out to the group. 
>Any help in either direction would be appreciated.
Hi again,
	Seriously, pick any Linux distribution - 
Ubuntu may be a good bet for you as the user 
community is quite good for support.
	Personally, I run Mailman on OSX - it 
took some time for me to get it working, but it 
was actually quite easy once I figured out the 
terminology. I used the Postfix MTA that I 
already ran for Mailman & found it easy enough to 
get it going using that.
	I wrote a guide for setting up Mailman on 
OSX, part of which is contained here:
	Hope this helps you somewhat.


	Bye for now, Terry Allen 

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