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Xueshan Feng sfeng at stanford.edu
Mon Oct 30 18:35:06 CET 2006

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> > I am completely Python stupid.  How can I do a mass change of all footers on the lists I run without going list to list using the web interface.
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Create a script, for example, call it 'newfooter.py' and save it under
the same diretory as 'withlist' script (/usr/lib/mailman/bin for my
Debian installation).

The newfooter.py:

def newfooter(mlist, file):
    fp = open(file) 
    nfooter = fp.read()
    mlist.msg_footer = nfooter

Then you can run (as root or mailman user):

withlist -l -r newfooter <list> <file>

This will change the footer of <list> with the content in <file>.

You wil need a script around it to feed it with multiple lists. 

This probably doesn't help much if you don't have login access to the
mailman server.  We developed a remote command line interface so our
list owners can manage their lists via command line without having to
login to the server. 


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