[Mailman-Users] How to move a list from 2.1.2

Jon Forrest forrest at ce.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 30 17:31:29 CET 2006

Anders Norrbring wrote:

> Yeah.. I'll do a RPM build for SUSE on the latest version as soon as I 
> can find the time. The thing I was a bit concerned about was the move 
> from one machine to the other. Seemed to work fine though..

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but building from source can sometimes
be a good way to go here. It's not very hard, and you learn more
about the package you're building. This can help a lot of something
goes wrong because then you don't see the program as a closed box.
Plus, with complicated programs, when you build them yourself,
you know exactly what options you use, which you can then document
for your group. Once you've done this, then it makes moving
to other machines, and maybe other distributions, easier.

I know this isn't the way some people like to operate, and
I often debate this with people I work with, but this
approach has worked well for me, including my recent
installation of Mailman.

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