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Sven Deichmann deichmann at werkbank.com
Mon Sep 11 09:21:16 CEST 2006

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we came accross the same problems a while ago. While we still use
Mailman for this purposes as these requirements were not too important
for us, we already did some research. But apart from mass mailing (aka
SPAM tools) we only found an extension to the CMS system Plone (runs
under Zope. python based like Mailman) named LindeMerkur.
What kept us from using this was the complexity to set it up and use it
properly later on.

It might be worth a look though, as it is highly flexible and the CMS
part could take the part of the archive. List merging could be
implemented using small parts of python code to merge the user sources
and personalization is built in (after all that was the reason to build
this tool originally as there are also extensions to plone that connect
it to mailman)

After all this isn't a ready to go solution though.

Sven Deichmann

> We've been using Mailman for several years for a number of our lists,
> been reasonably happy, and will probably continue to use it.
> However, no single package is the right answer for all situations. Some
> of our newer domains need packages with capabilities that Mailman can't
> provide, so I'm looking for suggestions and comments on various
> alternative open source packages (and not trying to troll).
> We're looking at PHPlist, DadaMail and other packages. We need to be
> able to send up to 100,000 at a shot, announce only, use MySQL and with
> html mail (or provide that as an option, which Mailman can't do),
> merge/purge lists, searchable archives, personalization and get around
> AOL/Hotmail perceived spam bouncing, etc.
> In the best of worlds, I'd like to be able to maintain various fields on
> list members including name and source so, for example, we could decide
> to send an email to all list members from Source A and Source C, but not
> Source B, and if there are duplicates on lists A and B, of course send
> only one copy.
> Maybe that's getting into the realm of campaign software. All of our
> list members are opt-in, but they come from various sources, so I'd like
> to be able to pick sources for each mailing and essentially build a list
> each time from various criteria.
> I'd prefer open source (of course) with an active development community,
> and we maintain our own server with many virtual domains. I realize no
> single package can do all that, but suggestion and comments are welcome.
> Thanks.
> John Fisher
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