[Mailman-Users] MM lists on Gmane

Jason R. Mastaler jason at mastaler.com
Sat Sep 16 21:40:03 CEST 2006

AFAIK, Gmane has a small group of administrators who add the lists. 
It's possible one of them just forgot to notify you guys, or didn't 
understand that he had an obligation to.  I'd guess that this was an 
honest mistake more than anything malicious.  Having known Lars Magne 
Ingebrigtsen for years, he's all about being a good net citizen, writing 
software that is aggressively standards compliant, and all the other 
good things.  Not to mention his significant contributions to open 
source software.  In short, I've never known him or anything he's ever 
been involved in to be "sleazy".

It seems wrong to me that you guys are preventing hundreds and perhaps 
thousands of Mailman and Python users from using an extremely valuable 
service (Gmane) because of what amounts to a technicality, and is most 
likely just a misunderstanding.

On 9/16/06 1:07 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 6:30 PM +0000 9/16/06, Jason R. Mastaler wrote:
>>  I was surprised to find the Mailman lists not on Gmane, and some
>>  googling revealed some sort of religious flame war I don't really want
>>  to get into.
> The reason that they were removed from Gmane is that they tell us they 
> have a policy of always contacting the listowner to see if it's okay for 
> them to carry the list on their site, and I've spoken to the other 
> listowners and we're all pretty sure that they never contacted any of 
> us.  So, in violation of their own claimed policy, they put the list 
> up.  All of the listowners are in agreement that this is pretty sleazy 
> behaviour.
> Unfortunately, this has happened more than once with Gmane.  And we know 
> that we're not the first to have this problem.  IMO, this means we 
> cannot trust them, either now or in the future.
> I try very hard to "never say never", but I cannot imagine a 
> circumstance were we would possibly ever trust them to carry any Mailman 
> or Python-related content.

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