[Mailman-Users] Virtual hosts

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Apr 10 03:27:48 CEST 2007

At 5:08 PM -0700 4/9/07, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>  Then this is an issue with the outgoing MTA. I can't tell you what you
>  need to do to fix it, but I can tell you that Mailman is already using
>  the host_name attribute as the domain in list email addresses.

Most likely the desired virtual host name is a CNAME alias for the 
real canonical name.  The RFCs require that all CNAME aliases be 
resolved into their true canonical names, before delivering the 
message.  The solution is to remove the CNAME records and have the 
desired virtual host name resolve directly to an IP address record 
(either an IPv4 "A" record, or an IPv6 "AAAA" record).

I believe that all this is documented in the FAQ.

>>I've spent the weekend reading up on postfix, but can not see where
>>postfix is rewriting the header (I'm not saying that it isn't doing this,
>>just that with my limited knowledge, I don't see it).
>  I'm sorry, but I probably know less about Postfix than you. Perhaps
>  someone else on this list can help, but the best resource for this
>  issue is probably one dedicated to Postfix.

It's not just postfix.  Sendmail does this too.  As does Exim.  And 
all other MTAs that are operating correctly according to the RFCs on 
this subject.

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