[Mailman-Users] message archiving problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 16 01:20:52 CEST 2007

Rick Pasotto wrote:

>I have a couple of lists that I send a weekly message to. This message
>has sections that I separate using a line of 60 hyphens. When the
>message gets archived the sections are archived separately but only
>the first has the correct subject line and the others show 'No Subject'.
>Why is this happening?

What archiver is this? I don't think pipermail would separate one
message into several apparent messages on boundaries of 60 hyphens.

Apparently what happens is the archiver you are using (which is ?) is
splitting the message into separate messages on the hyphen line
boundaries, and since the subsequent parts have no subject header,
they get archived without a subject. I don't think Mailman/pipermail
is doing this separation. A single post should be archived as one
message unless it containes lines beginning with "From " (*nix mbox
separators), but I think the current archiver escapes extraneous "From
" lines, so even these won't cause a single message to be separated in
the archive.

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