[Mailman-Users] customizing list info pages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Apr 16 23:52:36 CEST 2007

Dennis Morgan wrote:

>I have what is most likely a silly question. At the bottom of every list 
>info page you something like this:
><listname> run by mailuser at host.com
>Where mailuser at host.com is a mailto link to the list-owner at host.com.

mailuser at host.com is the value of the list's owner attribute.

>I would like to remove that mailto and substitute a throw away email 
>address - one that be changed when the spam level starts to get to high.
>Where is the footer info stored, and can I make these changes without 
>breaking mailman?

There are various ways to do this, but the way that doesn't require any
code hacking is to edit the listinfo template, but this only works for
the list specific listinfo pages. It doesn't work for the pages of the
admin or admindb interfaces, but since they are password protected,
they probably aren't an issue.

The listinfo template (listinfo.html) can be edited and the edited
template made a list specific, domain specific or site wide template
by following the suggestions in

You can also edit the listinfo.html template for a single list via the
web by following the "Edit the public HTML pages" link from the admin

Which ever method you choose, you have to remove the
<MM-Mailman-Footer> pseudo tag at the bottom of the html body and
replace it with the actual html to generate what you want.

If the "list run by" link is going to be a throw away, you can just
leave it out. You can use other <mm-*> pseudo tags in this html. For
example, a different way to generate similar html to that generated by
the <MM-Mailman-Footer> tag is as follows:

list run by <a href="mailto:<mm-owner>">owner_address at
administrative interface</a> (requires authorization)<br><a
href="http://<mm-host>/mailman/listinfo">Overview of all <mm-host>
mailing lists</a><p>
<table WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0">
    <td><img src="/icons/mailman.jpg" alt="Delivered by Mailman"
border=0><br>version 2.1.9</td>
    <td><img src="/icons/PythonPowered.png" alt="Python Powered"
    <td><img src="/icons/gnu-head-tiny.jpg" alt="GNU's Not Unix"


<mm-*> tags are not case sensitive.

A list of the <mm-*> tags you can use can be found in the definition of
the GetStandardReplacements method in Mailman/HTMLFormatter.py

The tag <mm-email-user> is counterintuitive. It is just the lower case
list name. It is called <mm-email-user> because it is sometimes used
as the 'user' part of the list's email address.

The above html is going to be line-wrapped in some way by my MUA which
may result in extra white space if you use it literally.

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