[Mailman-Users] customizing list info pages

Dennis Morgan dennis at e-aa.org
Mon Apr 16 23:53:56 CEST 2007

After searching the archives differently I found references to 
"HTMLFormater.py" and the section GetmailmanFooter

The statement/line/what ever you call it that seems to apply reads:
innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')

Can I just comment that out with a hash?
# innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')

And then add a line somewhere in the editable section of the HTML (The 
part that can be reached via the admin pages)?

The whole section of HTMLFormater.py is below.

Thank you!


class HTMLFormatter:
    def GetMailmanFooter(self):
        ownertext = COMMASPACE.join([Utils.ObscureEmail(a, 1)
                                     for a in self.owner])
        # Remove the .Format() when htmlformat conversion is done.
        realname = self.real_name
        hostname = self.host_name
        listinfo_link  = Link(self.GetScriptURL('listinfo'), 
        owner_link = Link('mailto:' + self.GetOwnerEmail(), 
        innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')

Dennis Morgan wrote:
> I have what is most likely a silly question. At the bottom of every list 
> info page you something like this:
> <listname> run by mailuser at host.com
> Where mailuser at host.com is a mailto link to the list-owner at host.com.
> I would like to remove that mailto and substitute a throw away email 
> address - one that be changed when the spam level starts to get to high.
> Where is the footer info stored, and can I make these changes without 
> breaking mailman?
> Thank you,
> Dennis Morgan
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