[Mailman-Users] customizing list info pages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Apr 17 00:17:16 CEST 2007

Dennis Morgan wrote:

>After searching the archives differently I found references to 
>"HTMLFormater.py" and the section GetmailmanFooter
>The statement/line/what ever you call it that seems to apply reads:
>innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')
>Can I just comment that out with a hash?
># innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')

After I worked so hard to give you a way that doesn't involve hacking
the code, you say you don't mind hacking the code :-).

>And then add a line somewhere in the editable section of the HTML (The 
>part that can be reached via the admin pages)?

You can't simply comment out the "innertext =" line above because then
innertext is undefined and it is still referenced.

The best thing is to replace the line

        innertext = _('%(listinfo_link)s list run by %(owner_link)s')


        innertext = something

where 'something' is what you want and exactly how you express
'something' depends on what you want, or it could be just

        innertext = ''

in which case you will get a blank line unless you change




lower down in the code. Note that in all the above, the exact
indentation must be preserved as it is significant in Python.

Also, this won't really allow you to add the reference in the
listinfo.html template, as everything from the horizontal rule through
the end of the page is generated by the <MM-Mailman-Footer> tag, so
anything you add would be above the horizontal rule or after the logos.

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