[Mailman-Users] Support for Cpanel users?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Apr 17 01:34:06 CEST 2007

Brad Knowles sent the message below at 12:06 4/16/2007:

>Maybe it's also time we set up a separate mailman-cpanel-users list,
>as well as a mailman-plesk-users list.
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I see the problem with that idea being that there won't be many 
subscribers to either list and the core folks who provide a large 
part of the help on this list won't be on either of those lists 
because they don't use Plesk/cPanel.

In which case, it really becomes next to useless. A critical mass of 
knowledgeable/dedicated people are needed to make user-based support 
lists such as this function in a useful manner.

BTW, I do have access to a Plesk-based server (and I must say I hate 
it, for every task it makes easy, it makes nine more inordinately 
convoluted and hard).

No promises, but there is a possibility from time to time that such 
access could be useful. And to be honest, even though I have such 
access, it is unlikely that I would add yet another list to my many 
subscriptions just on the off chance I might be able to help somebody 
over there.


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