[Mailman-Users] Mailman GID problem

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Fri Apr 20 18:38:03 CEST 2007

On Apr 20, 2007, at 10:42 AM, David Southwell wrote:

> Extract from /var/maillog
> Apr 20 08:24:58 dns1 Mailman mail-wrapper: Group mismatch error.   
> Mailman
> expected the mail wrapper script to be executed as group "nobody",  
> but the
> system's mail server executed the mail script as group "mailman".  Try
> tweaking the mail server to run the script as group "nobody", or re- 
> run
> configure,  providing the command line option `--with-mail- 
> gid=mailman'.

I've given a complementary response on the mailman-users list (to  
which I'm also cc'ing this)

Nothing I say below takes away from what I said in that previous  
post.  The answers to the questions I've asked would have resolved  
this problem long ago.

There appears to be a bug in the pkg-install file that comes with the  
current mailman port.  When one installs (through FreeBSD ports)  
mailman selecting postfix as the MTA, the MAIL_GID correctly gets set  
to "nobody"

But in the pkg-install script all of the mailman files get set with

     echo "---> Creating Mailman directory (/usr/local/mailman)"
     (umask 002 && /bin/mkdir -p "/usr/local/mailman") || exit 1
     /usr/sbin/chown -R "mailman:mailman" "/usr/local/mailman" || exit 1
     /bin/chmod g+s "/usr/local/mailman" || exit 1

Which is correct for everything except for /usr/local/mailman/data  
which should actually be set with

    chown -R nobody:mailman /usr/local/mailman/data

I don't know enough about ports to actually find the source pkg- 
install fine (the one I looked at and quoted from is after make has  
edited it with sed).  So I'm not certain whether the problem is in  
the Makefile or in the source for the pkg-install.

I experienced the same problem David had just a few weeks ago, but I  
attributed the problem (which I fixed by manually doing the chown) to  
me having moved my mailman set up from one machine to another.  So I  
thought that I had the wrong permissions for /usr/local/mailman/data  
as a consequence of the move and not because the mailman FreeBSD port  
was broken.

When I saw some of David's problems I started to have some  
suspicions, but I wasn't able to get enough information from him to  
really look at the ownerships the port set up.



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