[Mailman-Users] script

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Tue Apr 24 02:21:44 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> felixtp at webmail.co.za wrote:
>> Can someone help, i need a script to check all user accounts last login
>> against dormancy period and be able to delete users who haven't updated
>> their in 30 days detail then send an email to them.
> First of all, you can't do it. Mailman doesn't keep track of a list
> member's log-ins to visit archives, roster or options page, so 'last
> log-in' information isn't available.
> Second, I don't think it would be a good idea. Once I have set my
> options appropriately, I may just read the posts that are delivered to
> me and not have occasion to ever log in, yet very much desire to
> remain on the list.

Not to mention the addresses I subscribe to lists (set no-mail) just so 
I can occasionally post to those lists when my main mail is not working. 
  Those addresses (specifically, my gmail account) never visit the web 
site, almost never post to the list, etc.  But if you were to 
unsubscribe it, I'd be pretty upset.

Paul Tomblin <ptomblin at xcski.com>
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