[Mailman-Users] data/pending.pck

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 25 16:27:20 CEST 2007

Steve Burling wrote:
>Now that our upgrade/migration of Mailman has settled down, I've noticed 
>from my nightly 'mmdsr' run that data/pending.pck is just sitting there, 
>unchanging.  The last change date on the file is the date of our migration, 
>so I have two questions:
>    1) What's it used for?
>    2) Can I safely delete this copy, assuming that it'll get re-created
>       as necessary?

>From the NEWS file for 2.1.5

 - The pending database has been changed from a global pickle file, to a
   unique pickle file per mailing list.

i.e. in 2.1.5 data/pending.pck was deprecated in favor of individual
lists/listname/pending.pck files.

It held information about pending requests such as subscribe and change
of address that were waiting confirmation. It also has the information
about held posts that can be discarded or approved via 'confirm'.

When you send a "confirm xxxxxxxxx" command to listname-request or go
to the web confirm/xxxxxxxxx page, pending.pck is where the xxxxxxxxx
token is looked up to se what's being confirmed.

Pending.pck is not used for admindb requests. Those are kept in

Assuming you upgraded to 2.1.5 or later, your data/pending.pck was
converted to individual lists/listname/pending.pck files and can be
deleted as it is no longer used. Even if it wasn't converted by your
upgrade process, it can still be deleted as all the requests in it
have expired by now.

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