[Mailman-Users] Disable member configuration options

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Apr 27 03:23:33 CEST 2007

John Papapanos wrote:

>Thanks both for your replies,
>But either I didn't understand your solution correclty
>or I failed to explain my problem adequately in the
>first place.
>> John Papapanos  wrote:
>> >Is there a way to disable users-members from
>> changing 
>> >some or all of their configuration options?
>> Only by changing the code in Mailman/Cgi/options.py
>> and
>> Mailman/Commands/cmd_set.py.
>But wouldn't smt like this affect all my lists and 
>not only the one I am interested in ? 

Yes, it would, so the answer is No if you only want to do it for a
subset of lists, unless your modifications included testing for the
list(s) of interest.

>> Perhaps this is the case in some highly unusual
>> situations, but in
>> general it is appropriate for users to have control
>> of their own
>> options.
>Well maybe it is not so unusual. My intention on using
>mailman is to provide a web mailing list for my users.
>Up to now all the lists were implemented via the
>/etc/aliases of my mail server. The problem arises
>the fact that my /etc/aliases for a specific list
>apart from the mail addresses in my domain also
>contains some external addresses (eq. yahoo, gmail
>When a spam message that wasn't filtered by my spam
>filter arives to the list it is also forwarded to the
>external addresses making my mail server smt like an
>open relay.
>So I came up with web based lists so that external
>member users can only view the mails from web and not
>messages be delivered to their external accounts.

This is not what Mailman is designed to do.

>> If you do the above, anyone can post to the list,
>> member or not, but
>> only people with addresses in your domain can join
>> the list and visit
>> archives and receive posts.
>I think this is different from what I aim to
>accomplish. In my case I want:
>People from inside and outside my domain to be able to
>become members, post to the list and read the archives
>(as long as they are members)
>But I want mails posted to the list to be forwarded
>only to members whose mail accounts belong to my

I misunderstood. From the OP I thought you didn't want non-local users
to be able to read the archive either.

>For eq.
>user1 at mydomain.com and user2 at otherdomain.com are both
>members to the mailman private list
>mylist at mydomain.com.
>I want user1 and user2 to be able to read the archives
>and post to the list, but postings would be forwarded
>only to user1 and not user2.
>user2 can only read the mails via the web interface
>while user1 can both read the mails from the web
>interface and his/her mail client.

If I were going to do this, I would implement a custom handler (see
to be installed only for the target list(s). I would also make the
target list(s) digestable = No because this won't work for digests.

The custom handler would be installed in a pipline attribute for the
target list(s) immediately following CalcRecips, and it would remove
all addresses from the recips list (in the message metadata) that
aren't in the local domain.

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