[Mailman-Users] Number of message limits by web hosting services

John W Gintell john at gintell.org
Fri Apr 27 22:46:04 CEST 2007

Many of the web hosting services that offer mailman place a limit on  
the number of messages/hour that a given domain can deliver. This is   
presumably done to avoid saturating their servers. If you exceed the  
limit, they just ignore some of the recipients. Two hosts that we use  
have 300 and 500 as their limits. We have several largish email lists  
with several hundred addresses, one of which has ~400. If several  
people send to one or more of these lists in a given hour or one  
person sends to several lists at once, some of the recipients don't  
get the mail intended for them.

These hosts recommend using PHPlist instead which has a feature that  
can control the timing of the messages so as to not exceed the list,  
but PHPlist  doesn't work for members of the list sending mail since  
it is really designed to be a Newsletter distribution mechanism.

Is there any feature (I found nothing in the documentation) in  
Mailman that would help out here, or are there people on this email  
list  who have found encountered and solved this problem?

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