[Mailman-Users] Lists stop working

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Apr 28 04:20:03 CEST 2007

bjames at cisco.com wrote:
>    X-Mailman-Version: 2.1.9.cp2
>which my ISP said was "current".  I don't know the significance of
>the ".cp2", but 2.1.9 is the latest stable release according to

As Brad points out this is a cPanel release (specifically the second
Cpanel release based on 2.1.9), and Brad refers you to the FAQ on
cPanel Mailman.

>    Side note: the "not metoo" option is not working for us.
>    I verified that the new accounts that I added do not have
>    the "not metoo" option set, and the the default setting for
>    the list does not have the "not metoo" option enable.d
>    (Too many double negatives :-) ) The point being that for
>    our mailing lists, the poster should receive a copy of his
>    own message, but that is not happening.

This could be a cPanel issue. Also, there is a gmail issue. A user with
a gmail account will never receive a copy of her own post because
gmail sees it as a duplicate of the outgoing message in the 'sent'
folder and discards it. This is a gmail feature. People have
complained to gmail, so far AFAIK without any relief or known

As far as cPanel is concerned, as Brad says, we can only guess. They
modify Mailman in significant ways, and they don't share those mods
with us. Someone once pressed them referring to the GPL and they
shared some of their virtual hosting mods, but they have mods in
several areas that we have never seen (although we have seen some of
the negative consequences).

Needless to say, this creates a very bad situation when we try to help
cPanel users, since unless the issue is something we specifically
recognize, we don't know whether it is a general Mailman issue or a
cPanel issue, and if it's the latter we can't get under the hood to do
a more detailed diagnosis.

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