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Brad Knowles wrote:
> On 8/8/07, Luke Daly wrote:
>>  One of my lists doesn't seem to have sent out the password for users
>>  when they were moved from the previous system. My question is is there
>>  an easy way to resend the passwords out manually to all members? the
>>  monthly reminder doesnt seem to be sending them out. iam kind of at a
>>  loss as to why. Thanks again guys hope to be able to post some responses
>>  to other peoples issues soon rather than the leech i am at the moment.
> There are a number of standard cron jobs that you're supposed to run 
> as part of the standard installation process for Mailman, and one of 
> those is the one to handle the sending out of passwords.
> After making sure that you've got all the right cron jobs created for 
> Mailman, you could take the specific cron entry for sending out the 
> passwords and instead do that one by hand, as a one-time operation.


See Mailman's

cron/mailpasswds --help

Also, make sure that the list's Send monthly password reminders?
(send_reminders) is set to Yes.

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