[Mailman-Users] Limit to the Number of Subscribers for each list?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Aug 29 16:34:50 CEST 2007

On 8/29/07, wittygal wrote:

>  The problem is there are delays from when a message is receive until it is
>  sent out.  Blue host support tells me that mailman only supports up to 150
>  subscribers per list.  Is this true?

As far as the Mailman code is concerned, there is no hard limit to 
the number of subscribers you can have.  There are performance issues 
that you are more likely to run into as you try to scale into the 
hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but there is no hard limit 
imposed by our code.

To get more of an idea of what is possible with Mailman, see FAQ 1.15 

>  What other reason could there be for such a problem.

I strongly suspect that they are doing rate-limiting on their mail 
servers, which is causing problems for Mailman.  FAQ 4.51 at 
discusses the issue of Mailman and rate-limiting, although it's not 
directly related to the problem you're having.

>                                                        They tell me that
>  phplist doesn't have the problems mailman does.

That's a total load of bull.  Some of the largest mailing lists and 
mailing list servers in the world are running Mailman.  I've been a 
professional Unix system administrator for almost twenty years, and 
I've been specializing in Internet e-mail administration for about 
fifteen years, including two years as the Sr. Internet Mail 
Administrator for America Online.  Over the years, I've worked with 
many different mailing list managers.  Until today, I had never heard 
of this "phplist" program.

I guarantee you that whatever this "phplist" program is, they don't 
have the number of installations we do, or the scale.

>  Is there some response to this I could refer them to.

Well, you could first have them read each and every entry in the 
Mailman FAQ Wizard at <http://www.python.org/cgi-bin/faqw-mm.py>, and 
then have them tell you why they are not properly supporting the 
product that they have installed and made available to you.

Alternatively, you could find another provider that is more 
responsive to your requirements.  See FAQ 1.17 at 
for links to lists of alternative providers you may want to take a 
look at.

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