[Mailman-Users] Using your domain name

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Dec 5 00:49:07 CET 2007

Cyndi Norwitz wrote:

>I haven't found this in the FAQ, though I might not be looking hard
>enough.  Mostly the info is about how to set up MM on your own domain, but
>that's not what I want.
>I am using MM that is hosted at my ISP.  But I want to use my personal
>domain name for the list addresses.  Getting the domain name addresses to
>work is ridiculously easy: I simply set up a forward for the mail.  My
>ISP's staff even gave me a list of all the aliases I needed to create.
>But all the defaults for MM give the ISP's domain.  The header and footer
>and welcome message.  The listinfo page and password reminder page.  The
>message headers.  And so forth.
>I know I can edit some (all?) of these from the web interface.  And I've
>already set the reply-to field to my domain.  But I was wondering if there
>was a way to get it to change over all at once.  It would take hours to
>change it all manually for 4+ lists.
>I don't necessarily want the ISP's addresses to stop working.  I'm happy to
>have both.  I just want the list "paperwork" to display my domain when
>There is the host_name setting, but I'm afraid to mess with it unless
>someone says it's a good idea.

As far as email domain is concerned, that's exactly what host_name is
for. If you only want to change the domain in list email addresses,
and not in URLs, all you need to do is change the list's host_name.

If you also want to change the domain in URLs, the ISP has to do it for
you. The quick and dirty way to do it is to just change the list's
web_page_url attribute, but that requires command line access. Also,
see FAQs 4.17 and 4.62 for info on why this might not be the best way.

The best way is to have the ISP add a Mailman virtual host for your web
and email domains and then run fix_url to set your list's attributes.
See FAQ 4.29 for more.

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