[Mailman-Users] Implicit destination

Barry Finkel b19141 at britaine.ctd.anl.gov
Wed Dec 12 21:33:18 CET 2007

Steve Burling wrote:
>>But as near as I can tell, she *is* putting the list address in the To: 
>>field, it's just been munged (presumably by Micro$oft LookOut) to have 
>>quotes in funny places.  Here's what the To: field looks like from the 
>>listname.mbox file (edited to protect the innocent):
>>To: "list at icpsr.umich.edu" <'list at icpsr.umich.edu'>
>>Are those unnecessary single quotes inside the "<...>" confusing Mailman? 

And Mark Sapiro replied:

>Python's email.Utils.parseaddr() returns the single quotes as part of
>the address.
>I hate to be in a position of defending LookOut, but are you sure she
>doesn't have the quoted address in her address book entry?
>If this can't be fixed at her end, you could put the quoted address in
>the list's acceptable_aliases.

>From my reading of RFC2821, 

     <'list at icpsr.umich.edu'>

is invalid.  Here is how I parse it, followed by the RFC 2821

To: "list at icpsr.umich.edu" <'list at icpsr.umich.edu'>
To: [display-name]         angle-addr
To: [display-name]         "<" addr-spec ">"
To: [display-name]         "<" local-part "@" domain ">"

to              =       "To:" address-list CRLF
address-list    =       (address *("," address)) / obs-addr-list
address         =       mailbox / group
mailbox         =       name-addr / addr-spec
name-addr       =       [display-name] angle-addr
display-name    =       phrase
angle-addr      =       [CFWS] "<" addr-spec ">" [CFWS] / obs-angle-addr
addr-spec       =       local-part "@" domain
local-part      =       dot-atom / quoted-string / obs-local-part
obs-addr-list   =       1*([address] [CFWS] "," [CFWS]) [address]
obs-angle-addr  =       [CFWS] "<" [obs-route] addr-spec ">" [CFWS]

Note that 


does not have apostrophes at each end.
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