[Mailman-Users] How to changethe common/master password for all the lists?

Vinita Aggarwal vinita.aggarwal at un.org.in
Thu Dec 20 13:01:54 CET 2007


I have about 100 lists running on my server. Every list has different
password. But there is one another password which works on all the list with
all rights. Now, I want to change that common/master password for existing
and new lists which I will create .

Please suggest how to do this.

Vinita aggarwal
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Howard Rifkind wrote:
>I'm trying to set up a listserve and getting the above
>message.  I have root user priviledges but still can't
>define a list for user on my site.

Since you quote a web interface error message, I assume you are trying
to create a list via the web create page.

Are you providing the correct Mailman site password or Mailman list
creator password as set by bin/mmsitepass for the "List creator's
(authentication) password:" at the bottom of the form?	

Note that as root or the Mailman user, you can also create a list using

Give these commands (newlist, mmsitepass) with the --help option for
more info.

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