[Mailman-Users] Message Excerpt

Cyndi Norwitz cyndi at tikvah.com
Sat Dec 29 06:55:01 CET 2007

Okay, I searched the FAQ and found nothing even remotely related.

And I got a list from my ISP of all the changes they've made to the
standard install and it's not among them.

When a message comes through for moderation I can click on it and then I
get the full header and the "Message Excerpt."

The problem is that it truncates (hense the "excerpt").  With spam, I don't
care, because I'm obviously going to reject it.  But I have several
listmembers who are on permanant moderation because they don't understand
what a copyright is and they try to post entire articles.  Or they cut and
paste a long web page (not from their own site).  Or they quote entire
digests.  Stuff like that.

I can't always tell from the Message Excerpt if that is happening and I've
made mistakes.  So I have to go into my email and look for the notification
of the moderation request.  The full text of the attempted post is in
there.  It's a pain though, and I don't plan to always have immediate
notification turned on.

I would really like to be able to see the full text in that window.  Or to
be able to click on a link that shows it to me.

At the very least, something that tells me how many lines are in the email
would be great.  On the summary page it says the number of bytes.  But that
doesn't help that much because it depends on the density of the lines (and
it's hard to remember what bytes mean in terms of post length).  Plus that
information is not on the detail page!  I have to go back and forth to see

Is there anything I can do?  Is there anything my ISP can do?  Is this a
new feature request?


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