[Mailman-Users] The incredible disapearing post?

Brian Atkins batkins at tlcdelivers.com
Tue Jan 2 22:30:35 CET 2007

Nothing in vette or other logs. It is set to hold non-members, but I 
also have a rule in place to accept any sender on our domain, just in 
case the new employees aren't updated as frequently as need be.

accept_these_non-members:	^.*@DOMAIN\.com


Paul Tomblin wrote:

> If it's changing the Message-ID, it might be changing the From address as
> well.  Is your mailing list set to reject mail from non-members?  If so,
> it's possible that Outlook is changing his From to something other than
> what he subscribed as.  Is there anything in the vette log?

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