[Mailman-Users] Error during upgrade/migration

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 3 04:28:26 CET 2007

Camden Daily wrote:
>> All of the above say there is not a lists/list-name/config.pck file in
>> the place mailman is looking for it.
>They all seem to be there just fine... mailman just doesn't want to
>read them.  Is there something special that I need to do since they're
>from an old version?  Each lists/list-name folder has config.pck,
>config.pck.last, and request.db in it.  Some also have a digest.mbox

No, there is nothing special to do for the 'old version'. Mailman will
take care of updating the data automatically when it successfully
accesses the lists. If the list data files are in the same lists/
directory as new lists that work, perhaps it is an
ownership/permissions issue. is the group and permissions of the
lists/list-name/ directory and contents the same as those of a list
that is found?

BTW, the requests.db changed to requests.pck in 2.1.5. After the lists
are actually working and a requests.pck has been created, you can
remove the requests.db. There will also be a pending.pck when things
are working.

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