[Mailman-Users] BoundaryError: No terminating boundary and notrailing empty line

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 4 19:16:22 CET 2007

Noah wrote:
>any clues why mailman keeps dumping the following error trace in
>/usr/local/mailman/logs/error ?  Happens about every hour or so or
>sometimes minutes apart.
>--- snip ---
>Dec 26 08:27:28 2006 (75889) Ignoring unparseable message:
>Dec 26 08:27:28 2006 (75889) Uncaught runner exception: No terminating
>boundary and no trailing empty line

The 'ignoring' message and the associated exception and traceback occur
because a 'defective' message has been sent to a Mailman address (a
list posting address or a list -request, -bounces, etc address) and
has been queued in the appropriate queue. When the appropriate runner
attempts to dequeue the message for processing, the dequeueing
mechanism attempts to parse the message into a Python email Message
object and gets the exception because the message has an unparseable
MIME structure.

Such messages are almost certainly unwanted spam in any case. This is
what we say about it in the code

  # It's possible to get here if the message was stored in the
  # pickle in plain text, and the metadata had a _parsemsg key
  # that was true, /and/ if the message had some bogosity in
  # it.  It's almost always going to be spam or bounced spam.
  # There's not much we can do (and we didn't even get the
  # metadata, so just log the exception and continue.

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