[Mailman-Users] Messages Not being Distributed

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 4 21:11:57 CET 2007

james.king at familycampers.com wrote:

>I have 2 Lists setup under the MailMan software offered by HostForWeb.Com
>Account. One have 36 Email Accounts in the Group. Randomly, some messages
>other members send to the address does not get distributed. But I can look
>in the Archive and the message shows there.

Are you saying you have missing emails with one of the two lists, and
no missing emails with the other list?

>Is there someway to Re-Issue
>the Email or Resend it? I have 3 addresses on the system, and know I am not
>getting them in either accounts.

There may or may not be a way to reprocess a message depending on why
it is missing. If it wasn't sent at all due to a Mailman processing
error, it was probably put in Mailman's shunt queue and possibly can
be reprocessed if the underlying problem is fixed. OTOH, if it was
sent by Mailman, but not delivered for other reasons, Mailman can't
resend it.

To diagnose this problem further, you need access to the Mailman and
MTA logs on the server. Depending on what kind of hosting you have
with HostForWeb.Com, this may be something that you can do or
something you would have to take up with HostForWeb.Com. Also, judging
from the HostForWeb.Com web site, cPanel may be involved which adds
another layer of indirection. See

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