[Mailman-Users] Problems with Subject Generated via Invites

Geoff Deering geoff at deering.id.au
Sun Jan 14 04:00:18 CET 2007

Mark Sapiro said the following on 14/01/2007 11:55 AM:
> I agree, but in the case of VERP_CONFIRMATIONS, this is a site setting.
> It defaults to No rather than Yes, because that is the 'safer' setting
> because some MTA's will not be configured to handle the reply address
> with confirmation token appended.
> Granted, many people will install Mailman and run it "out of the box"
> without reading documentation or exploring site options, but there's
> not much we can do about that.
> The installation manual suggests that the installer should review
> Defaults.py which is extensively commented and make any desired site
> changes in mm_cfg.py. If you have any specific suggestions for making
> people do this or making the optional features more visible, please
> let us know what they are.

I can see what you are saying, and the software designers have at least 
provided such options, but so many people are seeing a web interface and 
expecting that they should be able to manage all the configuration that 
regard interfacing with their users from there.  I think as much as 
possible user configuration options should be available in the admin web 
interface.  I hope if is considered for future versions.


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