[Mailman-Users] us-ascii problem with new install in Ubuntu(SOLVED)

Barry Finkel b19141 at britaine.ctd.anl.gov
Mon Jan 15 18:27:20 CET 2007

On Jan 10, 2007, at 2:26 PM, Barry Finkel wrote:

>> I read the entire bug page trail, and I am trying to understand it.
>> I looked at my 2.1.9 source test installation (on Solaris 10, where I
>> installed into /opt/mailman), and I see things in the
>>      /opt/mailman/pythonlib
>> directory.  What is the purpose of the files found therein?  If these
>> are needed by Mailman, how can Ubuntu/Debian not supply them?  I am
>> trying to understand what is happening (so that I can convince
>> others here that I need to install from the source and not from the
>> Ubuntu package).

and Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org> replied:

>The only reason I can think for U/D to not include that directory is  
>that they are sure that the Python they depend Mailman on already has  
>the email package and codecs that live in pythonlib.  The purpose of  
>pythonlib is to provide compatibility between Python versions which  
>might have older versions of the email lib or might be missing the  
>It's not strictly required to have pythonlib, and should be possible  
>to run without it, but I'm not sure why you would, unless you feel  
>that you're tracking patches in the dependent packages better than  
>the Mailman project is.  I don't see how it can hurt to have the  
>pythonlib that Mailman normally installs.
>- -Barry

The original Debian bug report had

     The short summary for the bug is "bad installation when
     /var/lib/mailman/pythonlib is a symlink."

so, it appears to me that the U/D fix should have been to check for a
symlink and not remove pythonlib entirely.  I have to assume that
the person who originated this thread, Kyle Sexton, installed Mailman
via an Ubuntu package install

     Kyle Sexton wrote:
     >Thanks for your reply.  I realized after I sent the message that
     >I left of the version numbers:
     >mailman 2.1.8-2ubuntu2

So, there is a packaging problem with Ubuntu and Mailman.
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