[Mailman-Users] Compulsory username when subscribing

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jan 15 19:32:42 CET 2007

Dan MacNeil wrote:
> From a quick look at the template in 2.1.9, it looks like you can stick 
>some javascript in to require that Names be submitted. Obviously, this 
>won't work if the user doesn't have javascript enabled, but javascript 
>beats a stick in the eye.

There are a few issues in trying to do this. In the template, the
'subscribe' button and it's actions are generated from a pseudo tag,
so without access to the underlying code, you would have to rewrite
the template replacing various pseudo tags with the desired HTML. Then
again, without access to the underlying installation, you have to use
the admin interface to edit the listinfo template, and we try not to
allow javascript in HTML entered via the web interface in order to
avoid XSS attacks.

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