[Mailman-Users] Interesting request...

Rob Poe rob at poeweb.com
Sat Jan 20 10:22:49 CET 2007

AOL has implemented a abuse reporting system.  IF someone who 
legitimately subscribes to the list (for whatever reason) marks the list 
traffic as SPAM, AOL will email a report to the server owner (if they 
sign up) with an abuse report. 

The BAD part about that is, that AOL will not tell you WHO it is.  The 
best suggestion is to embed a piece of identifiable data into each 
message so you KNOW who the user is who received the email.

Not knowing exactly how MailMan handles sending of email (maybe this 
makes a difference on performance, too) would it be hard to put this 
piece of data into each message mailed?  Or perhaps as an on/off option?

Perhaps (and this might take more work than is wanted) a userid field in 
the membership db (this message sent to listname-xx) where xx is the 
user's id.  Or perhaps just an MD5 hash of the user email address and 
some sort of util to dump the addresses / hash values into a text file 
so you can look up who it is who's abusing that kind of thing, so that 
you can handle their unsubscribe or whatever...

Just some thoughts..

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