[Mailman-Users] mailman install problem

Piniella, David A DPiniella at med.miami.edu
Tue Jan 23 22:38:23 CET 2007

Thanks for you help, guys. Actually, I checked the Makefile in
/usr/local/mailman (my $prefix), and /usr/local/mailman/src/Makefile and
they both have CC= gcc. I have deleted the Makefiles, config.cache &
config.status, rerun ./configure (my specific options are --prefix,
--with-cgi-gid, --with-mailhost and --with-urlhost) and re-run make and
make install. I keep getting the error on make install. For laughs,
since I saw the Makefile had the full path in the PYTHON= line, I put
the full path to gcc in the CC= line, re-ran configure and it still


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Piniella, David A wrote:

>I have actually already renamed the /usr/ucb/cc (to cc_old) and
modified my path (specifically for the install):


>I'm still getting the same "unable to execute cc" error. I really don't
understand it; would there be any cached info?

Did you rerun configure (not just config.status) after making those

If all else fails, look at src/Makefile in the directory in which you
are running make and find the CC= line (which probably says 'CC= cc')
and change it to 'CC= gcc'.

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