[Mailman-Users] Level's of list admin?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jan 25 04:06:21 CET 2007

At 1:13 PM -0800 1/24/07, Tom Kavanaugh wrote:

>  Making these Project Managers as list moderators does not give them access
>  to add/delete users.
>  Is there a way to give them this access. I do not want to make them list
>  admin's.

Not in the current code, no.

You can have site admins, who can do anything on any list anywhere on 
the site, by using the site admin password.  You can also use the 
site admin password to create lists, or you can have a separate list 
creation password.

Then you have list admins, and then list moderators.  There aren't 
any other levels of list administration personnel.

>  Like a lower level of list admin, where they cannot change any list
>  parameter. But, just be able to add/remove users.

You could change the source code.  I don't know how hard that would 
be to do, but there are others on this list who might be able to give 
you some guidance there.

Keep in mind that there may already be patches to do this sort of 
thing.  You should look at the SourceForge patch list for Mailman, to 
see if there is anything that addresses your question.

If there is not already an existing patch to achieve this 
functionality, then one thing we'd ask you to do is that once you've 
made the necessary code changes at your site to then share those with 
the rest of the community via the same patch facility.

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