[Mailman-Users] Level's of list admin?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 25 02:47:53 CET 2007

Tom Kavanaugh wrote:
>Making these Project Managers as list moderators does not give them access
>to add/delete users.
>Is there a way to give them this access. I do not want to make them list
>Like a lower level of list admin, where they cannot change any list
>parameter. But, just be able to add/remove users.

This capability is fairly often requested and may or may not be
implemented in the future, but it currently doesn't exist.

There is a very kludgey way to do more or less what you want as follows:

Set the list's subscribe_policy to Require approval and
unsubscribe_policy to Yes.

Then the moderator can subscribe someone from the listinfo page and
approve the subscription from the admindb page without the subscribee
needing to confirm.

Likwise, the moderator can unsubscribe someone from their user options
login page and approve the unsubscription from the admindb page
without the unsubscribee needing to confirm.

Of course, setting these policies may be unsatisfactory for other

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