[Mailman-Users] List security: approved line got mailed out to list users

Jacob Sam-La Rose jacob at metaroar.com
Fri Jan 26 15:24:34 CET 2007


I've got my list configured as an announcement-only list, and the  
first few mailings I've sent have gone through exactly as planned.  I  
use "Approved: password" as the first line to approve mailings.  I  
inadvertently sent email to the list from one of my other email  
addresses, and when the message went out, the Approved: line was  
there, intact.  There was a space above it, if that means anything  
(the sent email doesn't have that space...)

I changed the password - easily done, no security problems there.   
But I'd still like to know what could have allowed this to happen.   
Since then, I've set up a test list and tried to replicate the  
behaviour - thus far no success.  Anyone have any suggestions as to  
what might have happened?


Jacob Sam-La Rose
Executive Editor
"FYI" / Metaroar.com

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