[Mailman-Users] People are dropping off several of our listservs and we don't know why

Joellen Leavelle JLeavelle at PensionRights.org
Tue Jun 19 02:12:40 CEST 2007

Hi.  My subject line basically says it all.  We run several listservs
(both internal and external) and all of a sudden several people just
stopped receiving the messages we sent.  At first we thought it was a
problem with our internal e-mail set up, but a few months later other
people started telling us that they hadn't received any listserv
messages for 2 months.  Have any of you ever experienced this problem?
If so, how do you fix it?  I've gone in to look at the subscription list
and the people who aren't receiving the messages are still on the list.


As a side note, our vendor does not know what the problem is nor does he
know how to fix it.  I'm posting here in hopes that there is something
very simple that we are overlooking.


I have been on this listserv for about a week and it seems that many of
you are much more technically-savvy than I am.  I apologize in advance
for not knowing things that may be basic.  Any advice you could give
would be much appreciated.






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