[Mailman-Users] lurker behaving strangely

Jenny Hopkins hopkins.jenny at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 15:02:29 CEST 2007

On 20/06/07, Jenny Hopkins <hopkins.jenny at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hullo there,
> I've recently taken over the admin of a server running mailman and
> lurker, for several mailing lists.
> It was noticed that the archives were out of date and new messages
> weren't archiving.  I traced the problem in the end to the mailman
> mm_cfg.py script having
> PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = 'usr/bin/lurker-index-mm -l %(listname)s -m'
> rather than the newer wrapper /usr/bin/lurker-index-lc, the wrapper
> script probably having been updated in an upgrade from debian sarge to
> etch.
> I did a mass import
> sudo /usr/bin/lurker-index -v -c /etc/lurker/lurker.conf -l <mylist>
> -i /var/lib/mailman/archives/public/<mylist>.mbox/<mylist>.mbox
> The mails now all appeared up to date in the webpage showing the
> archives, and new posts appeared as they should.
> Hoorah!
> A few days later, I got a mail from someone telling me the archives
> had vanished again.
> On looking, the lurker page showed old mails once again.  The external
> archiver error log has non-zero exit status:  127 again.
> Re-running the mass import for one of the lists adds only two test
> mails I sent since fixing the individual archiver.

Further info on this post.
The archive mbox still has the complete set of mails in it.
lurker webpage shows, as I said, only old mails.  If I click on thread
tree it seems to know about the other mails there should be in that
thread, but says they are 'deleted'.
Even if I rerun the lurker-index to reimport mails they think they are deleted.
Using the -d option leaves the lurker db as the original size, without
it it doubles so it obviously is importing correctly.

Why would the lurker database think mails are deleted?



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