[Mailman-Users] lurker behaving strangely

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Jun 20 20:13:27 CEST 2007

On 6/20/07, Jenny Hopkins wrote:

>  Why would the lurker database think mails are deleted?

This is a problem with lurker and not Mailman.  I've never even heard 
of lurker before, and I've been involved in running mailing lists for 
over a decade, and I've been involved in the Mailman project for 
several years.

I suspect you'll get a lot more help with your problem if you consult 
the documentation for lurker, their FAQ, their mailing lists, etc....

That said, knowing nothing at all about the particular external 
archiver you're using, it sounds to me like you might have a cron job 
left lying around from before your upgrade and which is pulling up 
the old wrapper script with the old configuration details, and isn't 
working as desired.

At the very least, it wouldn't hurt to check your cron jobs to make 
sure they're all in order.

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