[Mailman-Users] Formatted email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 28 23:46:25 CEST 2007

Chuck Puckett wrote:
>In any case: filter_content is already set to No. pass_mime_types has
>multipart/mixed, /alternative and text/plain. Instructions say "Leave this
>field blank to skip this filter test", which might lead one to blank out the
>field. But I suspect this is default, yes? I've certainly never touched
>anything on this page.
>convert_html_to_plaintext is set to Yes, and that looks suspicious. Seems
>like I'd want it No, and pass_mime_types blanked out, if I understand
>commentary (which is doubtful). But the top guy is set to NO, so that
>implies rest of the settings are probably ignored.

That is correct. if filter_content is No, no content filtering is done
and the rest settings on the page are irrelevant.

>I mean, the people that are getting these messages are overwhelmingly
>Windows/likely Outlook users. I don't think most of them would know MIME
>from MISSOURI. Is there something they'd need to do that's not done by

You are receiving the post as sent from Mailman. It is sent to everyone
else in the same way. It is possible, but very unlikely that something
in the mail delivery system is altering the message that these users
see. Much, much more likely is that their actual MUA (mail reader,
mail client) is not displaying the formatting.

Many MUA's will not load images in formatted email by default for
security/privacy reasons. I have no idea what the MS Outlook defaults
are or how to change them.

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