[Mailman-Users] rare problem

Jesús Oliván Jesus.Olivan at uab.es
Fri Jun 29 09:23:26 CEST 2007

I've applied changes in my regexp like u said, thanks!

and this is the From line you requested:

From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?123456789-123456789-12345678=E99-123456789-123456789?=
 =?ISO-8859-1?Q?-123456789-123456789-?= <ccmjs at cc.mynet.com>

This one comes from a mail that has not beed accepted by mailman, 
although address in from is allowed by regexp in Allowed senders.

Thanks for your help.

Mark Sapiro escribió:
> Jesús Oliván wrote:
>> i'm using mailman 2.1.5 on a Solaris box, and i've got a very rare issue...
>> if i try to post a list using a non-suscribed email address, and this 
>> email address is included in non-suscribers allowed senders, it accepts 
>> my post... but if i use a regular expression like this 
>> ^[A-Za-z0-9.\-_%]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]*mynet.com$ and try to post using a from 
>> line using more than 30 characters (from line splits in two in mail 
>> header then) and an accent. Then, mailman doesn't accept this mail and 
>> return it to me, although this email address is under my.net.com domain.
> First, while it is not the issue you are asking about, your regexp is
> probably more liberal than you want. I suggest something like
>   ^[A-Za-z0-9.\-_%]+@([A-Za-z0-9.-]*\.)?mynet\.com$
> to preclude matching things like
>    user at xyz.aaamynet.com
> and
>    user at host.mynetxcom
> As far as your question is concerned, the sender address is retrieved
> from the From: header using Python email library methods and
> functions. If there is a bug there, we'd have to see an exact copy of
> the split From: header to check that out.
> Also, when your MUA folds the from header into multiple lines, it
> should not be folding inside the email address. If by chance, it is,
> then it is your MUA that is at fault.
> In any case, I don't understand why this would affect only a regexp
> match and not a string match. The address that is being checked is the
> same in both cases.

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