[Mailman-Users] Mime conversions - missing carriage returns andoddcharacters

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Mar 2 23:00:29 CET 2007

At 4:37 PM -0500 3/2/07, Ryan Steele wrote:

>  It appears the client who got a copy of the pre-garbled message uses
>  Eudora (I didn't know people still used Eudora ^_^),

I've been using Eudora since the version 1.x days.

>                                                       so I've sent him
>  some instructions on how to go about getting the message source from it,

With the message open in a separate window, click on the 
"Blahblahblah" icon (it really does say that), and that will show you 
all the headers and the full message structure.  From there, you 
should be able to cut-n-paste the message precisely as it was 
received, with everything intact.

>  and will post back accordingly.  Again, thank you for your help!

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