[Mailman-Users] Nomail members

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Mon Mar 5 15:44:09 CET 2007

I'm having two problems with members of a list who are set to "no mail"
but whose email address is no longer valid:
- The bounce of the monthly password reminder, even though it is VERPed,
  is not sufficient to remove them from the list because it's only one
  bounce.  It would be nice if that bounce would trigger some additional
  probing, possibly immediately going to the "you are disabled" warnings.
- I send the membership list of one particular list off as a cron job to a
  friend who has a "backup list" for that one.  But there is no easy way
  to remove addresses that are set to "no mail" from the output of
  list_members.  What I want is the opposite of "list_members -n" to show
  only members who aren't set to "no mail".

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