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At 1:04 AM -0600 3/9/07, Brad Knowles quoted Herman Privyhum:
>>   http://xrl.us/u8pf (Link to www.exim.org)
>  So Phil says that he runs a trustworthy IDENT server on his box.

BTW, that article is eight years old now.  Eight years in "real" time 
is over five Internet generations.  We were still working on Web 0.9 
at the time, much less Web 2.0.

RFC 2780 was published in March of 2000.  RFC 4856 was just recently 
published, in February of 2007.  That's 2076 RFCs published since 
Phil's article was originally posted.

Thanks mostly to the Hobbes Internet Timeline (see 
<http://www.zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline/>), we know that 2000 
was the year that Internet2 backbone network deployed IPv6.  The year 
that Mexico finally got a fully operational connection to Internet2. 
The year that the French court ruled Yahoo! must block French users 
from accessing hate memorabilia in its auction site.  Technologies of 
the year were ASP, Napster, and DeCSS.

2001 was the year of Grid Computing and P2P.  2002 was the year of 
the FBI teaming up with Terra Lycos to disseminate virtual wanted 
posts across the Web portal's properties -- does anyone even remember 
Terra Lycos anymore?  2003 was the year that PIR took over as the 
.org registry operator, the Recording Industry Association of America 
(RIAA) sued 261 individuals on 8 Sep for allegedly distributing 
copyright music files over peer-to-peer networks, and VeriSign 
deployed a wildcard service (Site Finder) into the .com and .net TLDs 
causing much confusion as URLs with invalid domains are redirected to 
a VeriSign page.  2004 was the year that Network Solutions began 
offering 100 year domain registration, VeriSign Naming and Directory 
Service (VNDS) began updating all 13 .com/.net authoritative name 
servers in near real-time vs. twice each day, and the Internet Worm 
called MyDoom (or Novarg), spread through Internet servers.  2005 was 
the year that YouTube.com was launched.

Estimates of the size of the Internet, by year:

	01/00    72,398,092
	07/00    93,047,785
	01/01   109,574,429
	07/01   125,888,197
	01/02   147,344,723
	07/02   162,128,493
	01/03   171,638,297
	01/04   233,101,481
	07/04   285,139,107
	01/05   317,646,084
	07/05   353,284,187
	01/06   394,991,609
	07/06   439,286,364

Growth factor = 439286364/72398092 = 6.06765

According to the wikipedia page at 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing>, the first known example of 
Phishing outside of AOL didn't occur until June of 2001.  I quote:

	By 2004, phishing was recognized as fully industrialized, in
	the sense of an economy of crime: specializations emerged on
	a global scale and provided components for cash which were
	assembled into a finished attack.

I'm sorry.  I don't see how Phil's views from eight years ago on this 
subject are relevant to how computer systems should be operated in 
this modern world.

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