[Mailman-Users] shunt

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 9 18:20:34 CET 2007

Josh Greenberg wrote:
>I'm completely unfamiliar with this shunting process and its kind of 
>disturbing that mailman would quietly discard a perfectly good message 
>that had been sent by an approved sender and not throw any errors except 
>this cryptic line in the error log. I can't find any good documentation 
>on shunting either. Can someone explain what happened here or point me 
>to some docs that might help? Thanks.

Processing of that message did throw an otherwise uncaught exception.
The two entries in the error log immediately preceding the 'shunting'
message with the same or almost the same timestamp give more detail.

The first of these says "Uncaught runner exception:" and gives the
exception. This is followed by a traceback of the error, and these two
messages are followed by the "SHUNTING:" message.

If you post the full traceback entry, we can help you understand what
the problem was with the message.

If you ran bin/unshunt and the message processed without error the
second time, then it must have been a transient situation of some kind
that caused the first exception. Please post the traceback so we can
see what happened.

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