[Mailman-Users] Which parts of mailman are platform-dependent?

Steve Burling srb at umich.edu
Sun Mar 11 18:25:36 CET 2007

Here's why I want to know:

We're getting ready to jack up our environment and drag out two (tired, 
weak) machines running Solaris on SPARC, replacing them with two (strong, 
healthy) Red Hat boxes, runing on Intel hardware.

Unfortunately, we're not going to swap them at the same time.

Currently, one of those machines is our mail server, and the other is the 
web server.  The web server is what provides Mailman access for 
administrative tasks and for archive access.  That's the machine that will 
be replaced first.

If all goes smoothly (yeah, right :-), we will, at the same time that we 
replace the web server, move mail server duties to that machine as well.

If things don't go well, then mail may end up continuing to run on the 
Solaris box.

>From what I've been able to figure out, there are two parts of mailman that 
are platform-dependent:

    $MAILMAN_HOME/mail/mailman (the wrapper that mail is piped to)
    $MAILMAN_HOME/cgi-bin/* (which get used by the web server)

Everything in $MAILMAN_HOME/bin is python and so should be 
platform-independent, right?

If I'm correct, then if things go badly and we end up in the situation 
where our mail server is running Solaris on SPARC and our web server is 
running Linux on Intel, then assuming that the two machines share 
$MAILMAN_HOME, I just have to ensure that the wrapper is a SPARC 
executable, while the cgi-bin files are Intel executables.

Or have I missed something?  Anything else that will care?

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