[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.5 - Local customizations is beingignored

Henrik Rasmussen her at adm.ku.dk
Tue Mar 13 15:13:07 CET 2007

Hi Mark

It seems that we had put the copy in /usr/lib/mailman/lists/<mylist>/da
instead of /var/lib/mailman/lists/<mylist>/da/ where the config.pck is.


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Til: Henrik Rasmussen; Mailman Users
Emne: Re: [Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.1.5 - Local customizations is

Henrik Rasmussen wrote:
>I've read*) that to avoid customize the original templates, it is
>adviced to 
>"Create a directory lists/<yourlist>/en (assuming English :) and copy
>  templates/subscribeack.txt to this directory.  Then edit this file 
>  for your specific wording.  Mailman will use this specialized 
>  template for the English welcome messages."

(which you might have found if you'd searched the FAQ for 'template'
instead of 'customize').

>I assume this does not require a OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION = 1 


>However, even I copy the file templates/da/verify.txt to
>lists/<mylist>/da/ (and check the directory and file permissions
>according to the originals) and restart the mailman server using
>mailmanctl restart, Mailman still uses the original template
>Do I have to change something in the Mailman configuration to use
>customized templates?

No. The only requirement is that the template be in one of the places
discussed in the above referenced FAQ, and that it be readable by the
mailman group.

Is the lists/<mylist>/ directory the existing directory that contains
the list's config.pck file?

Is the lists/<mylist>/da/verify.txt file you created readable by the
mailman group (i.e. group mailman and group readable or world

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